*AUTUMN TEAM LISTS 2019 Please note that player's first name and second initial will be used as a means of identification.


AUTUMN Team Lists 2019

(We ask that you respect the fact that minor changes may take place to team lists prior to the commencement of the Autumn Season. This will be done via consultation) Also note that Sections may change after gradings occur.  We also have some teams with 10 players you will receive discounted fee's due to this.  We have taken into consideration that there maybe some changes and also the first half of the year there are usually school camps and not every child maybe present. If you have a query please email Thankyou


U13 Sec 5 - Lightning - COACH - Oliva and Laura

Matilda Z
Ella B
Caitlyn D
Samantha H
Rori M
Lakshmi D
Lucy V
Matilda K
Millie M

U13 Sec 4 - Flames - COACH - Oliva and Kylie

Leaia F
Emily P
Tamika C
Hannah W
Bethany W
Ella C
Phoebe E
Cassandra K
Matilda R

U15 Sec 3 - STORM - COACH - Chloe Watts

Charlotte F
Mimi M
Kaniha M
Melanie M
Selini A
Tamaya D-M
Olivia D
Lainey B
Estelle W

U15 Sec 3 - VIXENS - COACH - Heidi O'Sullivan

Sophia G
Hayley O
Olivia B
Therina F
Chloe StM
Monique H
Laura B
Melaynie O
Alyssa H-F

U17 Sec 2 - MAGIC - COACH -  Tracey Watts

Laura R
Ash T
Ella M
Chloe W
Ellen S
Ella A
Dulini A
Dheeptha M


U11 Sec 3 FEVER - COACH - Deb Fallon

Ivy M
Daisy Z
Ruby F
Taya C
Shamiso M
Mutsa M
Natalie C
Jesmine L
Azaria M
Liana S













GENESIS Section 4

Maddison W
Nicole W
Emerald C
Jayde M
Ashlyn V
Courtney U
Teaghan U
Rebecca S
Anita Streat

MADS Section 9

Ashley T
Heidi O
Cathy B
Linda T
Amy J
Olivia B
Laura B
Vikki M