Team Selection Process

Generally speaking, all teams are reviewed at the end of each season which means there is no guarantee that you will remain in the same team as the previous season. Registration fees must be paid in order to qualify for selection and thereby, be placed in a team for the following season.

A selection committee is appointed by the Executive Committee who are entrusted with the task and who have have generally been long serving members of the club, with previous netball playing and or coaching experience, and in some instance, previous experience in selecting teams. During the process of selecting teams, if the selectors are unable to reach a consensus a majority rule will then apply. That is why there is an odd number of selectors. Selection /Registration days / evenings are run by the Club prior to the conclusion of the season and all current and new players are invited to attend. In addition to watching teams throughout the season, this session is also used as input to the final team selection process.

Once the teams are selected, the selectors are required to submit the teams to the full committee detailing the reasons how/why each team was selected, the strengths and weaknesses of each team and if any changes are suggested how these changes would impact other teams in the same age group.

The decision in selecting each team is taken with a great deal of care, attempting to fulfil a great number of individual requests, whilst also considering the strengths of each team and how best to improve each child’s ability.

The selection process is not without its faults, there is no perfect system. Goldeagles has over 100 players to be placed into teams and the selectors do this to the best of their ability. The selectors are generally parents of players within the club, who volunteer their time to select the teams, which can take up a great many hours in a very short period of time as the centre requires all clubs to lodge their teams two weeks prior to the end of the season. The selectors endeavour to watch players prior to selections and also speak with current coaches.

If you have any questions or concerns once teams are published, please send an email using the 'Contact Us' section of this web site which is received by a committee member for action.

All questions or concerns raised will receive an email response of acknowledgement within 48 hours. Within 7 working days you will be contacted  by the Selection Committee.

Please note, there is no guarantee that a player will be placed into a team if registration has not been paid, or fees from the previous season are outstanding.