Goldeagles Netball Club are happy to announce you can now pay your registrations online.
Please read down below on how you can do this.

You will need to know your MyNetball ID and Password if you do not know this you will have to register with MyNetball using your VNA number. Goto and click New to Mynetball under the Login area. Once completed please go to the Goldeagles Website

GOTO then click on the link in the bottom left hand corner titled GOLDEAGLES NETBALL REGISTRATION PAGE (please use this page to Register to the club).

From there you will be directed to MyNetball Online Registration, scroll to the end of the page and hit Get Started. (NOTE: You will need your MyNetball ID (VNA No. and or email and password to use this function if you don’t have it please Register manually at the Registration nights and we can set you up for next time)

Choose Deposit or Full fees and follow the prompts until completed. You will need to have your Debit/Credit card handy to pay at the end. Upon completion you will be emailed a receipt of your payment.

PLEASE NOTE: We will still be having Registration tables at Lyndhurst Secondary College on the 10th and 17th November from 5.15 to 7.15 pm if you cannot do the above.
Goldeagles Committe