Supporting our Club into the Future

Dear Goldeagles Members

Goldeagles Netball Club has been operating for over 15 years during this time we have had our ebbs and flows with players and teams.  We aren't a big club but I would like to think we are a warm, inviting and family friendly club.

Our Club acknowledges that we have lost players to new clubs starting up and it does affect our numbers, however we also have recruited well to replace players.  Each season brings different challenges and we have held our own competing against the bigger clubs for members. 

Our position after all of these considerations is that we are strong club and we will continue to operate into the future. Our committee is diligent in actively recruiting for new players be it for net set go level through to U17s.  We continue to receive inquiries for the club and are working towards building teams for next season. As members you can also help as well by asking your friends, neighbours, schools if they want to play netball and promote our club, that is how we grow, word of mouth is a powerful thing.

We have no plans to change our identity and will remain Goldeagles Netball Club and with every ones help will move forward into the future stronger than ever.

Thank you 
Goldeagles Committee